About me and my Teams for you


Hello, my full name is "DANARTA" but my friend or my guess always call me DANAR. I was born in Yogyakarta and I am also growing up here.

Driving is my job and my hobbies, My English are not perfect because my English not my mother laguages :).

Me and my teams, we are not GUIDE, BUT we can explain little bit about my city and the history of my city, we are familiar with most interesting place in Jogjakarta and around, so won't be problem for us to drive you in Jogjakarta and around.me and guess coffee plantationIt will be pleasure for me and my teams to drive you while you are vacation in Jogjakarta, and maybe travel from Jogjakarta until the end of the island ( east Java ) then you continue your trip to cross Bali Sea to Bali Island.

It's also pleasure for me and my teams if we can help you to make itinerary for your special Tour in Jogjakarta and around. So Please do not hesitated to contact me for your journey in Jogjakarta.

My teams :

By the time Jogjakarta driver growing and growing which is mean I can not handle all guests by my self in one times, than I make teams from drivers in Yogyakarta and the driver must be speaking English, maybe not perfect BUT we try the best English speaking we can and we learn by doing, as you know English not our mother laguage, so I am sure you can understand if our English NOT perfect.

" Jogjakarta Drivers Teams " priorities are giving pleasure, safety, and hospitality to my customers. It is an honor my staff to give the satisfaction service from the beginning of the reservation, during the trip until the end.

I will also help you make planner for Hotel Reservation, Private Tours and Overland Java-Bali Tours. I am guarantee Best Driver and Best prices than others. My facilities to costumers is easiest Payment Online transaction by Paypal, Credit Card, Transfer Bank and Cash on time of arrival as well.

" Jogjakarta Drivers Team " looking forward to drive you while you are in Jogjakarta, Java.

" We are NOT Special, JUST Limited Edition "


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* Danar * jogjakartadriver@yahoo.com Telp. +62 8139 2829 086